Ending extreme poverty starts by supporting what’s essential

Shine International serves in Magoro village in Tororo district- an underprivileged community where entire families are stuck in the vicious cycle of poverty due to lack of resources to empower themselves.

Despite Tororo being the largest producer of cement in Uganda, its people remain poor and cut off from opportunities to acquire skills & start up businesses. When you choose to empower Tororo, you’ll be empowering;

When you choose to empower Tororo, you’ll be empowering;


We believe the best way to change the life of a community is first, to change the lives of the children in it through education because they are the future.


When you empower widows in the community with tools they can use to grow nutritious food, they can sell it, send their kids to school & support their families for the long term.

At-risk Girls

There are hundreds of girls in our community who are stuck with children whose fathers are absent. Without skills, they are unable to support their families but the gift of a tailoring machine can change their lives forever!

Empower Tororo

Give the gift of hope today;

Sponsor 20 children

One term’s fees

One term’s meals
An additional fee covers their medical & scholastic bills

Empower 12 at-risk girls

1 Tailoring Machine
1 Year Tailoring Course
Training Hub

Widow Package

Which includes hoe, seedlings & medicare

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