Born to SHINE

Meet Tereza. She was born to SHINE. When Brian lived in Pallisa from 2004-2006, he used to have a group of about 10 kids who came to his house nearly every day after he returned home from work. They filled his days with great joy and became great friends. Tereza was one of those children. Unfortunately, Tereza was orphaned shortly after Brian left Uganda when she was about 8 years old. Her parents and siblings (including a younger brother who also came to Brian’s house every day) all died from AIDS. Tereza was blessed to have somehow avoided contracting AIDS when she was born. But since she became an orphan, she was forced to move around to various places throughout the country to live with distant relatives or to work as a house girl.

This August, Brian, and Jesca were able to reconnect with Tereza and to enroll her in tailoring school in hopes that she is able to develop a modest career that will allow her to support herself and SHINE her talents into the world. The Shine team prays for success for Tereza in her studies and in her future. We look forward to a continued friendship with her and will monitor her progress as she proceeds through the tailoring program.

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