Helping out the family of Odongo Robert.

With money from the 5K that Shine International was blessed to receive, we were able to help out the family of Odongo Robert. The man with disabilities, his hand can type like no man’s business yet he cannot walk as he was born with deformed legs.

Shine International is blessed with the opportunity to support his kids with school fees. But this time he got his own printer, scanner, and a photo copier to support his family through his secretarial skills. Above are some pictures of his wife and 4 kids.

Also, we were able to pay tuition for Tereza who is a total orphan with no parents or siblings as both her parents and her younger brother died of Aids and left Tereza alone when she was just 10 years old. With your support we were able to buy 2 pieces of fabric for her apprenticeship and pay her tuition as she continues in her tailoring course.

God bless you all for your support.

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